var object = {
    name: 'Bob Parsons',
    type: 'Web Developer',
    location: 'Kansas City, MO',

About Bob Parsons

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Versatile Full Stack Software Engineer knowledgeable in a wide variety of web development languages, principles and techniques of website construction and maintenance. Thrives when presented with new challenges and obstacles which push my current capabilities. A performance and results oriented team player, who is self-driven and is continuously learning. Demonstrating a strong work ethic, solid debugging aptitude, and advanced problem solving skills throughout professional career.

Highly adept at conveying complex technical information to a variety of audiences in a clear and understandable manner. An accomplished leader with proven results in team development, team performance, individual contribution, leadership development, customer relations and results based performance. Strong background in project management and customer relations.



Proficient in designing using HTML5, including Semantic markup, media elements and form elements. Experienced in creating responsive, mobile first, websites.
Skillful using CSS3 to make both responsive and attractive websites that are quick to grab the users attention and highlight important content.
Adept at using JavaScript to manipulate DOM, control API’s and add interaction to websites. Experiencing rapid learning curve, gaining a full understanding JavaScript's capabilities.
Competent using JavaScript subset TypeScript to add dynamic front-end control.


Savy Python user along with many of the additional Python libraries. Currently using Python to solve mathematical problems on Project Euler Status
Continuously learning Java based programing through both Android and Computer based programs.
Created multiple projects utilizing full CRUD cabilities utilizing PostgreSQL, NoSQL/Firebase FIrestore, SQLite nad MySQL.
Have practice using Linux to create a secure site using SSH and Apache into a Web Application Server.


Strong skills in developing using Angular 2+ apps using components, forms, directives, models, routes, guards and services including common packages Angular Material and Firebase2.
Experienced using Bootstrap to make responsive Websites that use the built in media queries and components.
Strong understanding of the MVC setup and basics of Django.
Adept at using Flask, which is based on Jinja to create sites using templates.


Computer Sciences

  • Completed majority of Core Curriculum.
  • Gained strong communication, logical thinking and research skills.
  • Expected completion Spring 2020

Full Stack Web Devloper Nanodegree

  • Online Course including both front-end and back-end web development training.
  • Completed complex projects that tested ability and understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, API's, Databases, Linux, Python and more.
  • Learned strong debugging skills, ability to read documentation and research resulting in capability to solve nearly any problem.
  • Practiced using Git and Github VCS.

Introduction to Programming Nanodegree

  • Online Course designed to introduce Computer Sciences and software language fundementals.
  • Learned fundamentals of web design. HTML structure, CSS basics, JavaScript/jQuery capabilites & responsive design.
  • Introduced to Python, including Classes, Object Oriented Programming and available libraries.


Retail Store Manager

  • Area lead for operations and development.
  • Opened Flagship Store of the Future for Kansas City area.
  • Consistent leader in performance metrics, YOY growth and employee participation.
  • Proven leader in Employee Development, Leadership Development and Customer Experience.
  • Multiple awards for Top Store, MVP and Highest Growth.

Website Developer

  • Created Small Business Websites using Joomla, HTML and CSS.
  • Optimized websites for SEO & performance.
  • Grew new business accounts by website traffic, AdWords, cold calling, customer referrals and networking.
  • Designed and printed website matching printed marketing material.

Store Manager

  • Led market in revenue growth and margin for 3 years.
  • Averaged 20% YOY Sales Increase for 3 Years, while increasing Gross Profit 18%.
  • Trained new management members for district.



Angular 6 Single Page App, along with Firebase and Bootstrap.

Fully responsive website utilizing a real-time NoSQL database with CRUD capabilities. User authentication with customizable user profile. Site editing through front end administrator access.

A Cut Above

Created using Materialize, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery

Single Page Responsive Website that includes parallax effects, DOM manipulation, Google API integration, and Video player.

Neighborhood Map Project

Created using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Knockout and AJAX

Project as part of Udacity Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree. Course focused on use of API's and JavaScript to make an interactive map with AJAX information from additional API's. Includes ability to filter Navigation and Markers.

Linux Project

Created using Linux, Apache, SSH and PostgreSQL

Project as part of Udacity Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree. Installed and configured all required software to turn a baseline Ubuntu Amazon Web Services server into a fully functional web application server, including Apache Web Server and PostgreSQL database server. Convert Catalog Project from SQLite to PostgreSQL.

Catalog Project

Created using Python, Flask, PostgreSQL, HTML and CSS.

Project as part of Udacity Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree. Created using a vagrant virtual server. Developed a website using Flask Templates that incorporates a CRUD database and JSON results. Users are validated through OAuth2.0 which adds the ability to Edit/Delete user created content.

Log Analysis

Created using Python and PostgreSQL

Project as part of Udacity Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree. Python program analyzes over 1 million server entries.